Yamaha Front Rear Brake Pads Raptor 660 R (2001-2005) YFM660 YFM 660R ATV

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SumoBrakes Pro Kevlar compound has passed every known standard test time and time again. Our tests proved that Sumobrakes outperformed most compared organic pads in brake safety and friction level tested. This high performance materials impresses. Our company is proud to bring to our customer a high end product at an exellent price.

SumoBrakes High Performance Brake Pads Caracteristics:

  • * Maximum Brake Stopping Power.
  • * Exceed OEM Specifications.
  • * Smooth brake "feel".
  • * Safety rider oriented.
  • * Advantage of longer braking life.
  • * Higher Heat resistance stability.
  • * Totally Asbestos Free.
  • * Ideal for fast riders.
  • * Design in Japan.


Fits Models:

RAPTOR YFM 350 R    (2004-2011)

RAPTOR YFM 660 R    (2001-2005)