Yamaha Complete Gasket Warrior YFM 350 Warrior Big Bear Moto 4 Raptor Kodiak 400

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Sumo Performance Parts are made with High quality materials. Each kit contains all what is shown in the picture. This High Quality Gasket Set include all necessary Pieces (Pcs). The Gaskets comes with Silicone Line Coatings. Non Asbestos Armstrong. Special Chemical & Mixture have been treated to the Gasket materials in order to withstand high Pressure oil resistance. Package with Sumo Genuine Parts . ISO 9001 Standards. Include item pictured. High Quality product at an excellent Price.

Item specifics:

Condition: New
Brand: Sumo Performance Moto Parts
Warranty: Yes
Manufacturer Part Number: 26222 (G-Y-ATV-VG-2107)

Fits Models: Yamaha ATV

YFM 350 Warrior (1987-2006)

YFM 350 Big Bear (1987-1998)

YFM 350 Moto-4 (1987-1995)

YFM 350 R Raptor (2004-2013)

YFM 400 Kodiak (1993-1998)

  • Complete Gasket Kit Set.
  • As seen in picture.
  • Gasket Kit Set include 21 Pieces (Pcs)
    •(1) Cylinder Head Gasket.
    •(1) Cylinder Base Gasket.
    •(1) Camshaft Tensioner Case Gasket.
    •(1) Exhaust Pipe Gasket.
    •(2) Cylinder Head Dowel Pin Gasket
    •(1) Pump Cover Gasket.
    •(2) Crankcase Cover Gasket 1 & 2.
    •(2) Rocker Shaft 2 O-Ring.
    •(3) Cylinder Head Side Cover O-Ring.
    •(1) Cylinder O-Ring.
    •(1) Cylinder Collar O-Ring.
    •(1) Cylinder Head Breather Plate O-Ring.
    •(1) Crankshaft Piston O-Ring.
    •(1) Carb Joint O-Ring
    •(1) Pin Dowel
    •(1) Crankcase Cover Gasket.