Suzuki Clutch Kit LT 250 LT-F 250 300 4WD Quadrunner (1987-1998) LTF 250 (88-02)

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The ultimate New Clutch rebuilt Kit includes:

Complete Sumo Stack Height Controlled set of Anti-Swell friction plates using long lasting pin planished steel separator plates for better lube distribution using unique alloy article impregnated clutch facings that wear longer and resists burning plus ...

Pin planished steel driven plates that spread the oil around the clutch better & prevent clutch burn-up ... then even more ...

15% uprated heavy duty clutch springs to clamp those plates together firm and storng for the life of your clutch.

Item specifics:

Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
Brand: Sumo Performance Parts
Make: Suzuki
Manufacturer Part Number: SS-0089
Part Brand: Sumo Performance Parts Surface
Finish: Heavy Duty Full Clutch Kit
Clutch Kit: Discs & Plates & Springs

Fits Models: Suzuki ATV

LT 250 4WD QUADRUNNER            (1987-1998)

LT-F 250 4WD QUADRUNNER         (1997-1998)

LT-F 250                                          (1988-2001)

LT-F 250 QUADRUNNER F               (1999-2002)

LT-F 300 4WDX QUADRUNNER       (1991-1998)


250 (2x4/4x4)    (2001-2005)