Kawasaki Front Stainless Steel Brake Rotor+Pads KLX 300 [97-07] KLX 650R [93-96]

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The ultimate Premium Sumo Rotors + Brake Pads Combo: 

Brand New 420 Stainless Steel Disc Rotor/s + Long Life Brake Pads. Replacement item. High Quality rotor/s. Improves Stopping Power and Feel. Extend pads life. The Brake Pads have an excellent compound designed to get maximum performance along with great durability. This combo achieves exceptional Stopping Power and Longer operational life. 

Perfect under all riding conditions: wet, dry, hot or cold. Excelent material. Include items pictured. Most Popular Choice & Great Price!!!

Fitment Compatibility:

KX 125 K1 (1994)

KX 125 K/L (1995-2002)

KLX 250 R D (1993-1996)

KX 250 K1 (1994)

KX 250 K/L (1995-2002)

KLX 300 A (1997-2007)

KX 500 E (1994-2004)

KLX 650 R A/D (1993-1996)